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Green & Multi Color Magic Carpet Bracelet Kit

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Green & Multi Color Magic Carpet Bracelet Kit

Materials Included:
*22 Grams 6/0 SL Emerald
*22 Grams 11/0 SL Emerald RBW
*10 Each 4mm Bicones: Aqua, Citrine, Hyacinth, Indicolite, Light Siam, Peridot, Rose, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Caribbean Blue Opal, Sun, Sunflower, Violet, White Opal, Fuchsia 2xab, and Pacific Opal
* 8lb Smoke Fire Line 15yds
*150 15/0 Transparent Emerald
*200 11/0 Green Delicas Delicas
*2 Size 12 Needles
*Printed Pattern: Bracelet & Toggle

There are enough materials in this kit to make one 8-inch bracelet and a beaded toggle.