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Purple Tile by Tile Ring Kit

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Purple Tile by Tile Ring Kit

Materials Included:

*1 - 10mm Purple Satin Druk
*30 - 3mm Purple Iris Fire Polish Rounds
*8 - 3mm 5 Rainbow Thunder Polish Bicones
*4 - Purple Iris Tile Beads
*4 - Pastel Lila Super Duo Beads
*4 - 4mm Purple Light Thunder Polish Rounds
*3 Grams - 15/0 Semi Glazed Turquoise Seed Beads
*1 Gram - 11/0 S/L Light Grape Seed Bead
*2 yards - 6lb Fire Line
*1 Size 12 Beading Needle
*12 Inches .5mm Stretch Magic
*Printed Pattern