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July 6th, 2020 E-Class Info

On Monday July 6th, 2020 at 1:00pm Eastern, Kelly will be going live to teach you her version of Tubular Hubble Stitch! Kelly will be making a bracelet she calls "Everybody's Hubbling Bracelet."

Hubble Stitch was created by Melanie de Miguel.

You can catch the video Live or on replay here:

In last weeks video, Melanie has given Kelly permission to teach you Hubble Stitch and to teach Project 1 in her first book. Her first book is called "Let's Hubble!" You can find the E-Book and Print Book here:


For the project Kelly will be showing, you will need:

*4-5 Grams 11/0 Seed Bead Color A

*2 Grams 11/0 Seed Beads Color B

*Button with shank on the bottom/back

*24-26 Inches 1.5mm Leather

*Size 10 or 12 Beading Needle

*4-5yds 4lb Fire Line

*Small amount of tape or painters tape


You can find the Instant Download Pattern for this project  Here: Everybody's Hubbling Bracelet PDF INSTANT DOWNLOAD Pattern

You can find the PRINTED pattern for this project here: Everybody's Hubbling Bracelet PRINTED Pattern - Mailed to your home

You can find our 11/0 Seed Bead here: Size 11/0 Seed Beads

You can find my favorite leather here:1.5mm Natural Greek Leather - 5 Meter