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CRAW Variations 11/14/2022

In this video I was live showing how to do variations of CRAW. This was a fun video where I showed 7 variations of CRAW. In the video I used several different sizes of beads. Here are direct links to each size bead I used in the video:

11/0 Seed Beads: Size 11/0 Seed Beads

8/0 Seed Beads: Size 8 Seed Beads

6/0 Seed Beads: Size 6 Seed Beads

4mm Bicones: 4mm Preciosa Bicones

4mm Thunder Polish Bicone Crystals

3mm Bicones: 3mm Preciosa Bicones

3mm Thunder Polish Bicone Crystals

3.4mm Drops: Drops


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