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Loom Hat Band 10/31/2022

In this video I will be showing you how to make a Hat Band on the Wisdom Warrior Loom. This is an amazing loom and Hat Band and we think you are going to love this project! Although I demo the Hat Band on a loom, you can also make the loom with Square Stitch. There is a free pattern for the project and it can be found here: YouTube Hat Band INSTANT DOWNLOAD

I also show two other hat bands in the video. The patterns for those can be found here:


Just Like That Hat Band INSTANT DOWNLOAD Pattern

In this video I used the following colors:

11/0 Bronze TOHO Seed Beads (22 Grams) 11-221

11/0 Metallic Frosted Antique Silver Toho (20 Grams)(11-566)

11/0 Matte Black Miyuki Seed Beads (20 Grams) 11-9401F

11/0 Permafinish Matte Galvanized Golden Fleece Toho Seed Beads (20 Grams) 11-PF592F

11/0 Permafinish Galvanized Starlight Toho (20 Grams)11-PF557

You can get your own Wisdom Warrior Loom here:

Through October 2023, you can get 20% off any loom from by using the coupon code KD20off

The earrings I have on in the video are the Ode to Days Past and you can find the pattern here: Ode to Days Past Earrings INSTANT DOWNLOAD Tutorial

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