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Square Stitch Chevron Bracelet 11/6/2022

In this video I show how to read a square stitch graph, how to do basic square stitch, how to decrease in square stitch, and how to add a clasp to the bracelet. In the video I used the following items: 

11/0 Bronze TOHO Seed Beads (22 Grams) 11-221

11/0 Metallic Frosted Antique Silver Toho (20 Grams)(11-566)

11/0 Matte Black Miyuki Seed Beads (20 Grams) 11-9401F

11/0 Permafinish Matte Galvanized Golden Fleece Toho Seed Beads (20 Grams) 11-PF592F

11/0 Permafinish Galvanized Starlight Toho (20 Grams)11-PF557

I also gave a free pattern for this project. You can find the pattern here:

Chevron Loom/Square Stitch Bracelet INSTANT DOWNLOAD Pattern


In the video I also reference an earring pattern that I created to go with this bracelet project. You can find it here:

Square Stitch Chevron Earrings INSTANT DOWNLOAD Pattern

The Hat Band I refer to in the video is a free pattern and can be found here:


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