Pattern Policy

We sell patterns in two forms, Instant Download Digital and Printed. Instant Download  or Digital means that as soon as you check out you are emailed a link so that you can instantly download the pattern. This email goes directly to your registered email address. This email is sent automatically from the website. If you do not see the email, make sure to check your spam folder. If you are unsure of how to download, you can watch this video for step by step directions on how to download: 

The second form is Printed. Printed means once you purchase, we print out the pattern and mail it via USPS to your registered mailing address. The printed pattern cost is the price of the pattern plus $0.69 per printed page. You will also pay shipping to have the pages shipped. 

If you purchase a digital pattern you must download the pattern. We do not email digitally purchased patterns. If you find after purchasing that you cannot download the pattern we will add credit of the purchase to your account and we will send you links for the printed versions of the pattern. You can then use the credit to purchase printed copies of the pattern.

By buying a tutorial, it enables you to finish the piece for personal use and to sell the finished product. However, it does not give you the right to resell this tutorial or give it out for free, to teach it in a workshop, or to lend a copy to a friend. Please give Kelly Dale design credit when you publish pictures of your finished piece online. Pattern writing and creating is Kelly's main source of income so by respecting these rules, you help Kelly to continue to design more tutorials for you! If you would like permission to teach this project, please contact Kelly at