Posted by Kelly Dale on Feb 17th 2024

This is going to be a long post but please bear with me because it has important information that you need to know. 

I was first intrigued by Tubular Brick Stitch while looking at the book Beading with Brick Stitch by Diane Fitzgerald. Diane shows the basic Tubular Brick Stitch instructions following two start up techniques which can be found on pages 40 & 41 of the book. While I was doing research on the technique, one of the first things I did was google search the following words: 

Tubular Brick Stitch

Faux Bead Crochet

Faux Crochet

Tubular Brick Stitch like Crochet 

When I originally googled those words I only got one major hit and that was from a creator named Shae Wilhite. Shae had a pattern published in a 2018 Bead and Button Issue called Faux Crochet. In this pattern she did a project called Chapel Windows and showed how to do the technique and how to finish the ends into a bangle. She then posted several videos on Youtube of the technique.

I was surprised that no one else had picked up the technique, so using techniques from Diane’s Book, Shea’s pattern, and my own knowledge of completing bead crochet into a bangle I then wrote my pattern and did the videos. They were received wonderfully and I was so excited that people who had not been able to accomplish Bead Crochet could now accomplish a similar look with this stitch. I saw people all over the world get excited about beading again and it was so fun to see.

Yesterday I received a message from Jean Power. Jean informed me that she was the original creator of the Faux Bead Crochet technique. She let me know that she had been contacted numerous times by beaders over the last two weeks to let her know that I was teaching her technique. Even though people had contacted Jean, no one contacted me to let me know that this was Jeans technique. I’m sure it was upsetting for her to hear her technique was being taught without her permission or consent. Until Jean contacted me I was not aware of her pattern or her involvement with the technique. You can find Jean's pattern here: https://www.jeanpower.com/details/faux-bead-crochet-instructions/

I apologized to her and now I’m apologizing to you. Many of you have been following me for years and you know that I would never willingly make a video or pattern of a project that another designer has done unless I have permission from that designer. This was an honest mistake on my part and I am sorry to Jean and to each of you.

I have spent my morning doing a few things that you need to be aware of and please know that Jean asked none of this of me. She has made no demands or requests of me. She has been very gracious to me during this time. I'm just trying to do what is right.

1. I have taken down the Faux Crochet videos from public use from YouTube. The videos are now only available with the purchase of the pattern. 

2. I have taken off all of my personal store posting about Faux Crochet on Social Media. 

3. I have taken off the words Faux Bead Crochet and FauxCro from all my personal social media posting and from off the website.

4. I have updated my version of the pattern which will now be called Tubular Brick Stitch. I have added Jean as the source of the original creator of the Faux Crochet stitch in the pattern and have linked her pattern for Faux Crochet in my pattern. If you purchased the pattern before 2/17/2024 you can go back into your account and re-download the new vwrsion of the pattern.

5. I have taken off all wording of faux crochet or FauxCro from the updated pattern.

6. Going forward, I ask that if you post pictures of your pieces on Social Media and you call it Faux Crochet or FauxCro, that you please give Jean Power credit for the design.

Again, I apologize for any hurt I’ve caused to Jean or to you and going forward I will be more thorough on my research for techniques I’d like to teach. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Kelly Dale 

Off the Beaded Path