Coming Monday!

Coming Monday!

Posted by Kelly Dale on Feb 17th 2024

Have you ever heard of designer Kassie Shaw? Well if you haven't then you're in for a treat. Kassie has been on the beading scene many years and is an amazing designer. Kassie has published many patterns and is the author of the book Beadweaving Beyond the Basics. You can see Kassie's work on her website which can be found here:

In her book Kassie uses Double Right Angle Weave (DRAW) extensively. Kassie has recently came out with a pattern called the Duo Rings Bracelet. Kassie is on the Bead Squad for the Beadsmith Company and the company gives us bead stores access to a select library of patterns that we can teach and sell products for. (Make sure to contact you local LBS to see how you can receive the pattern!!!) I was teaching the project to a group last week and there is a specific part of the pattern that many of us were thinking would make a beautiful ring project. 

I contacted Kassie and asked her permission to teach that part of the project and she agreed. So, on Monday there will be a new video up on my channel showing how to do Double Right Angle Weave while making a ring. Kassie has an amazing free pattern for the stitch on her website which can be found here:

I'll be walking you through the project using her DRAW primer pattern. I think you're going to love this ring and I look forward to showing you on Monday!

After watching the video, Kassie sent me a tip that you may help you with this stitch:

The only thing I would mention is that when you add 4 and go through the "point" or "corner" bead of a previous unit, the next stitch at that corner should go through the 2 inner beads and skip that corner bead. This will ensure that all 4 inner beads are connected to each other. If you bead tightly it may not look different if you skip this part, but if you are a looser beader, the inside circle won't look quite right.