New items on the website

New items on the website

Posted by KELLY DALE on May 13th 2024

Here are a list of new items listed this week on the website:

Tool Huggy:

.004 Wildfire Ultra Frost 125yd Spool:

8x15mm Oval Quick Links:

18mm Fern Green Rivoli:

18mm Jet AB Rivoli:

18mm Gold Champagne Rivoli:

18mm White Opal Rivoli:

18mm Mystic Juicy Peach Rivoli:

14mm Fern Green Opal Rivoli:

14mm Pink Opal Rivoli:

14mm Rose Water Opal AB Rivoli:

14mm Cyclamen Opal Rivoli:

13x18mm Pandora Oval Rivoli:

13x18mm Sphinx Oval Rivoli:

We also did a large restock of all Luna Cabs this week!