New video releases on Monday!

New video releases on Monday!

Posted by Kelly Dale on Apr 20th 2024

There is a new video that will release on Monday on my YouTube Channel. The video is going to be for a quick and easy pendant that will showcase several beads. I think you're going to love this pendant because it will make a quick gift but look like it took you forever to make. It's a fun and flirty piece that can really be dressed up or worn with jeans and a nice shirt. 

To make the Spring Sentiment Pendant you'll need:

*1 SS47 Chaton

*8 4mm Druk Beads

*8 4mm Bicones

*4 6mm Bicones

*16 3mm Bicones

*4 Grams Superduo Beads

*22x13mm Drop or any type drop you’d like

*1 7-8mm Jump Ring

*2 Grams 11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads (A)

*1 Gram 11/0 Miyuki Seed Beads (B)

*2yds 6lb Thread

*1 Size 12 Beading Needle

I've got the pattern listed on the website and you can find it here:

I also have patterns listed which can be found here: