Thread information Download

Thread information Download

Posted by Kelly Dale on Feb 29th 2024

Each week I get at least one or two emails asking about the different threads that we carry. Questions like:

*Why would you use this thread over this thread?

*What is this thread?

*How do I keep this from happening to my thread?

*How can I thread this through my needle?

Since these have been reoccurring questions over my 22 years of having a bead store, I decided to sit down and make a thread information download for you. This information sheet is a six page document that will tell you about all the different type threads that we carry at Off the Beaded Path.

In the download I list descriptions straight from the manufacturer or distributors websites about the thread. I also offer some tips and tricks about some of the threads. 

It is my hope that this information packet will assist you in learning about the different threads and will allow you to make informed decisions about which threads you should/could use for various projects. 

You can find this free download here: